Bigpop Studios

Bigpop Studios Bigpop Studios

BigpopAuckland based boutique music publisher focused on building collaborations and relationships where both creators and their songs can thrive.

BPMP affiliated writers include: Victoria and Andy Knopp, Lauren Gin, Neil Macleod, Abraham Kunin, Sam Allen, Sam Jones, Rebecca Melrose, Freddy Reynold, Emily Wheatcroft-Snape, Timothy Kawhema, Lucy Graves, Omer Gilroy, Rebel Reid, Rodney Fisher, Mike Newport, Maude Minnie Morris, Kingdon Chapple-Wilson, CHAII, Frank Eliesa, Cecily Danaher, Chris van de Geer, Sally Faherty, Liam Conrad, William Henderson, Joost Langeveld, Kate Wood, Toni Randle, Corban Koshak, Gabrielle Peake, Arli Liberman, Asimina Kalampoki, Bruce Gainsford, Nico Reyne, Martine Harding, Shani Osborne, Connor Robinson-Pierce, Michal Martyniuk, Nick Sampson, Barry Blackler, Azul Faucher, Cherie Mathieson, Nina McSweeney, Luke Berryman, Rachel Wilson, Dick Johnson.

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