Matrix Digital

Manager: Phill Adams,
Phone: 04 384 3393
Studio Engineers: Simon Blackwell, Phill Adams

matrixMatrix Digital is a professional recording studio based in the heart of Wellington. We have been in business for over 20 years and worked with many successful national and international artists, producers and record labels. We are fully equipped to handle any recording project you could throw at us, and our experience is guaranteed to produce the results you’re looking for. We can achieve the sound you want and give your project the professional treatment it deserves. We provide complete services – from recording and editing, through to mixing and mastering…

We offer a purpose-built studio designed to produce the best possible acoustics for modern music production. Matrix Digital has a large 210m² live Studio and 126m² Control room, plus two isolation booths. The studio is suitable for all styles of music from orchestral to metal and everything in between. The studio facility is also equipped with a URSA 4.6k camera kit, lighting kit, green screen and drapes for corporate video production work and music videos.

And if you’d prefer to just turn up and plug in… we have in-house drums, percussion, bass and guitar rigs for hire. Technical: We run a Protools HDX system with our Avid/Euphonix System 5-MC console, far and mid-field Tannoy monitors, JBL 5.1 surround monitoring. Plus a large collection of outboard equipment and hi-end studio microphones. We offer a range of special deals for music projects, including full day and weekend lockout deals to keep costs down for our local artists. Contact us directly for quotes and any special requirements you have.

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