NZ On Air

Manager: David Ridler
Phone: 09 377 2033
Contact #1: Jeff Newton (Music Promoter)
Contact #2: Casey Yeoh (Music Promoter)

NZ On Air (the Broadcasting Commission) was set up in 1989 to ensure New Zealand culture and identity is well represented on the nation’s airwaves. Since 2008 the broadcasting remit has included ‘transmission on demand’ ie. online content. One of the key local content goals is to fund and promote NZ music for broadcast and online platforms to connect great local songs with a wide range of audiences in Aotearoa.

NZ On Air now runs a number of funding schemes under the New Music banner – New Music Single, New Music Project, New Music Pasifika, Waiata Takitahi (with Te Māngai Pāho), New Music Development and New Music Kids. Each grant type can help with the costs of recording, video content and local promotion of original NZ songs with great potential to connect with audiences.

NZ On Air also funds new NZ Music Features across radio, music TV, and local online platforms to promote and profile new local music, as well as promoting various NZ music playlists on Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube. NZ On Air also plays a role in supporting the local music industry and capability building for artists and producers with sponsorship for music seminars, music awards events, upskilling workshop series and more.

Chair: Dr. Ruth Harley
Chief Executive: Cameron Harland
Head of Music: David Ridler
Contracts & Funding: Sylvia Betham, Sarah Thomson

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