Stebbing Recording Centre

Phone: 09 376 2426
Contact #1: Hazel Lamb E:
Contact #2: Murray Cullen E:
Fax: 09 378 1537

stebbingStebbing Recording Centre is NZ’s leading manufacturer of DVDs and CDs, housing the country’s only fully integrated replication plant. All stages of the manufacturing process (including authoring) are carried out on site, ensuring expert quality control and efficient turnaround.

Our specialty focus in replication means that every disc at our plant is replicated from virgin polycarbonate and pressed into a clone of the original master to meet full Red Book audio CD and Blue Book DVD specifications. This process results in superior audio and visual ­quality as well as durability. In addition, our professional offset ­printing service is the only one of its kind in NZ, complementing our screen printing operation. This means we are ­capable of printing complex ­photographic or illustrative designs onto the face of the disc, while achieving the highest professional printing standard possible.

We are also the only in-house ­replicators of DVDs in the country, again ensuring high quality production and ­efficient turnaround. (Also see Stebbing Recording Centre listings under Recording Studios and Mastering.)

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