The Vic Devonport

Manager: GM: Philipp Jaser
Phone: 09 446 0100
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The Vic Devonport The Vic Devonport

the vicCinema / Cafe / Theatre / Lounge Bar

The Vic Devonport features 4 cinemas and performing arts spaces. All areas are available for private hire or public functions.

  • Full in-house ticketing service with online and over the counter sales.
  • All live shows included in our generic programme publicity.
  • Main stage is raked, curved at the front (approx 9.5m wide, 5m deep in the centre) and has a back stage green room and bathroom.
  • Venue hire rates can be flexible – please contact us for a quote.

Live Venues:

  • Victoria Theatre: 9x5m raked stage, 180 seats, live sound system,  full theatre lighting
  • The Vic Music Lounge: 3x2m stage floor area, 30 seats, live sound system, basic lighting.


  • Victoria Theatre – Soundcraft UI24R – 24 input digital mixer with USB multitrack. 2 JBL and 2 Quest speakers with 1 Quest sub, 3 AKG D9 mics and 3 Dolby DIs.
  • The Vic Movie Lounge – Mackie ProFX12 mixer, Quest powered speakers, 3 AKG D9 mics and 3 Dolby DIs.


  • Victoria Theatre – Lightfactory 512 channel PC software installed on in-house PC.
  • The Vic Movie Lounge – basic stage lighting.

Access: Limited disabled access to Victoria Theatre and Lounge Bar

Catering: Available in-house.

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