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music helpsMusicHelps charitable trust uses the power of music to help and heal New Zealanders in need. We develop and support a wide range of programmes that use music to help people who are at risk, vulnerable and experiencing health issues.

We have made projects impacting over 60,000 people possible at youth organisations, hospices, schools, medical charities, rehabilitation centres and more all over NZ. We also provide caring, confidential and practical support to Kiwi music people experiencing illness, distress and hardship. We provide medical treatment, counselling and hardship assistance for them and their families in times of crisis.

Please contact us if you need support for a project that seeks to change the lives of those in need in your community through music, or if you are or have been an active member of the music industry and require emergency assistance or counselling. We welcome support for our vital work. Find out how you can get involved today by emailing, phoning, visiting our website and following us on social media.

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