Screen Music & Sound Guild of New Zealand

Contact #1: Chairperson: Polly McKinnon & John McKay

SMSGNZThe Screen Music and Sound Guild is a forum for screen composers and sound post creatives to connect, share ideas and knowledge and to promote and grow the sector; to help build sustainable careers in music and sound in New Zealand and beyond.
Members of the Guild are listed on our website in a comprehensive directory. The Guild actively lobbies for improving conditions and knowledge of the music and sound in the screen industry through our programs, workshops, and organisation. We provide a large and growing list of industry resources and additional perks for our membership.
Members and interested parties are welcome to follow the Guild’s Facebook page and sign-up for our email newsletter to keep up to date with general news. Please do get in touch with any enquiries regarding membership, suggestions, requests and general help. We invite any and all New Zealand composers and those who work in sound post production to get involved for the good of our collective craft.

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